Monday, July 21, 2014

He ran into the cathedral

Just a little outfit post to fill up the days. Next week I'll be in Japan, summertime goes so fast, especially if you have to study all the time...which I'm obviously doing *cough cough* 
Just wanted to show you guys my favorite pants right now. I don't really know their real name, but I call them socially acceptable pajama pants. They not too hot and very comfy and you can sleep in them, study in them, knit in them, or do nothing in great. 

I took this outside of a mall near school. We went to Boiling Crab right after, but I was too hungry to take pictures ehe. 

Hat - Urban Outfitters // Tank Top - H&M // Pants - Cotton On // Sandals - thrifted Steve Madden // Purse - Coach

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