Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Strange Virtue

It's getting so hot over here in Southern California, I'm having a harder and harder time trying to incorporate knits into my wardrobe. I also wanted something to wear when I went to the beach or by the pool. I've made cardigans, but it was a challenge to think of a sweater that would still show off my bikini or my top underneath. That's why I made this sweater lacy and open, its perfect to show off a fun bikini top or adds interest to normal everyday wear. I kind of want to make one of every color just for myself...

My friend and I decided to just swap the sweater around to see who looked best...After running through the pictures I think her pictured needed some looking at and put it up in the listing. 

Top - thrifted // Shorts - Victoria Secret Pink // Sandals - American Rag

We took the photos at a nice little corner in a nearby park. It was a hot day, but iced coffee and laughs definitely made it memorable. 

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