Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm Stuck, But I Have So Much To Do

I'm currently designing a new beanie for my shop, but I ran out of yarn. Very big bummer. But on the bright side (literally), I'm knitting up a new, bright cotton scarf for the upcoming spring months. It's super soft and silky, with a lovely shine and will be up on the shop (hopefully) by tomorrow or so. I also ordered a bunch of new yarn. Yarn is definitely a non-guilty pleasure I attempt to take part of every month or so. The feeling of euphoria that comes with a new delivery can't be beat. 

I'm also ordering some business cards for myself so I can start giving it out to try to build a name for myself. There's only one item in the shop right now, but I want to start getting my name out as soon as possible. It's a bit scary doing this, but I've already decided to give it my all.

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